KulaCrate Offers Matching Contributions Through January 2020

Posted: January 14, 2020
KulaCrate Matching Donations

KulaCrate will match every $1 contributed to help teachers stock their classrooms.

BOCA RATON, Fla. — January 14, 2020 - The new year is positioned to be a little bit brighter for teachers and their students. New educational crowdfunding platform KulaCrate announced that they are matching contributions, dollar for dollar, to help teachers receive much-needed school supplies for their classrooms.

The donation match is ongoing through January 31, 2020, and it’s designed to take some of the stress off parents and teachers in ensuring each student has what they need to succeed in the classroom.

Investing in the Spirit of Giving

Though most parents and teachers stock up during back-to-school shopping sales, the reality is that teachers are purchasing supplies for their students year-round. Many items that students need, such as glue, crayons, and pencils, are depleted before the end of the school year, and teachers often struggle to keep a healthy inventory of these and other items so that no student will go without.

Traditionally, many teachers dip into their own pockets to provide students with much-needed school supplies. According to research, the average teacher spends as much as $740 per year on classroom items—a sum that most teachers feel is high but necessary.

In response, KulaCrate has launched a thoughtfully designed “give back” program that will match every $1 contributed to helping teachers stock their classrooms through January 31, 2020.

The offer is available to new members. Teachers can register their classroom with KulaCrate, then ask family, friends, coworkers, parents of their students, and others to contribute toward their account. The company will then deposit the matched donations and apply them to a KulaCrate subscription. By matching donor contributions, KulaCrate is hoping to offset how much teachers have to personally invest in the items their students use every day.

KulaCrate developed its crowdfunding platform to combat issues related to purchasing school supplies for teachers and parents alike. Through KulaCrate, teachers can sign up their classrooms to receive monthly shipments of school supplies funded by themselves, parents, friends, communities, and anonymous angels.

Each subscription is tailored by grade level and consists of an ever-changing assortment of items, including common tools like pens, pencils, and art supplies, along with consumables like hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and tissues. The company delivers crates every month directly to the teacher’s classroom, removing the time investment of shopping in person.

KulaCrate’s mission is threefold:

  • To reduce the out-of-pocket costs of school supplies for teachers.
  • To refresh each classroom’s stock of commonly used school supplies throughout the year.
  • To remove the need for parents and teachers to shop for supplies in person.

The KulaCrate platform is now live, allowing registrations to the secure platform. During this time, early adopters' feedback will help shape the national release in Q3 of 2020. The Company has partnered with veteran marketing and technology agency, SilverTech, based out of Manchester, New Hampshire.

About KulaCrate

KulaCrate is an emerging company, inspired to develop technology solutions for teachers and their tireless mission to deliver quality education to children. By creating online tools that reduce the reliance on personal contributions by educators to adequately outfit classrooms, KulaCrate helps teachers refocus that time where it is desperately needed – on educating children. KulaCrate is based in Boca Raton, Florida, and was founded by Vaughan Dugan & Shawn Rudnick. The Company has a foundation of successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries that want to build an organization that truly gives back and provides a fantastic service to a group of professionals we are all passionate about, Teachers.

For more information, visit www.kulacrate.com.


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